Saturday, November 10, 2012

Welcome Home, Fiona

I'm feeling incredibly sentimental (and very weepy) tonight.  I'm sure being awake for 28 hours straight hasn't helped the weepy factor, but of course I have other reasons.

My little Fiona has left her homeland (I cried when we crossed the China border), gained her US citizenship (cried again), and now she's home, sleeping in her room with her big sister.  She even got to meet two of her brothers today, and will meet the other two tomorrow. 
Passed out on the airplane - we got her the pacifier to help with takeoff/landings

Brian, Fiona - Fiona, Brian.  You're siblings.  Get acquainted.

Tonight as we were finishing dinner and getting ready for bed, I was thinking about the significance of "home" and what this would mean to her if she understood it.  I remembered the poem that is in my baby book.  I want to share it.

Tonight as you lie sleeping
for the first time in your bed
I feel there's something lasting
and profound that should be said.
But nothing I can think of
seems quite fitting, so instead,
Welcome home, my child
at long last, welcome home.

Tomorrow when you wake up

a brand new life will start....
A life in which you'll always be
A very special part.
So dream sweet dreams and once more
from the bottom of my heart
Welcome home my child
Welcome home.

Well, welcome home, my sweet Fiona.  


  1. Congratulations, Mama and family!

    I wish we were still in Colorado so I could meet Fiona. She's so pretty!

  2. Aww! *tears* I love it, all if it! Welcome home Fiona!