Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Finalization Day (Tuesday)

Hello from the Middle Kingdom and this parallel universe I call "having a baby again".  Fiona is a very good girl.  She's a very active, very noisy, very persistent, very adorable girl.  If anything I have written on this trip doesn't make sense, it's because of my indescribable fatigue.  Half of what I say doesn't make sense, but my traveling companions are tired too, so they don't notice. 

Tuesday morning started out interesting.  I was getting ready in the hotel bathroom and heard a bird chirping.  It sounded like it was inside.  Turns out, it was.  We think the bird came in through an upstairs window and came down the glass (which is connected between floors) into our room and promptly freaked out.  Poor little finch was not having a good morning.  Lashi opened a window and it flew straight out, no problem.  Mission accomplished. 

So, the major event of Tuesday was the finalization of Fiona's adoption.  We drove back to the registration office where we received the children on Monday, stood in a semicircle and were handed certificates.  DONE! 

After that, we went to the notary office to fill out more paperwork.  We had to climb 6 flights of sharp-edged stone tile stairs to get to the notary office.  That in itself isn't too hard, even carrying a sleeping baby, but then I fell.  I managed to catch myself somewhat and roll onto my back.  Fiona slept through the whole thing, but I have a vibrant bruise on my thigh, another on my ankle, and I was reminded of it every time I sat, stood, or pretty much did anything for the rest of the day. 

After our second day of Noodle bowl for lunch and no dinner, I was ready for change.  We went to Pizza Hut.  Now, you may be picturing "Pizza Hut", but you're wrong.  Think 5-star restaurant that happens to serve pizzas that vaguely resemble Pizza Hut pizzas alongside their menu of steaks, Chinese foods, and pasta.  Then you're closer.  The menu was entirely in Chinese and none of the staff spoke more English than "Hello" "Thank you" and "See you again".  We took a picture of the menu outside. 

Fiona didn't like her pizza much.  Then again, it was WAY past bedtime. 

Wednesday is our excursion to Fiona's home town, Nanyang City! 


  1. Yay!! Congratulations!! I love the pics!

  2. More pics of baby girl, please! So for sealing in the temple, do you have to wait a specific time after the adoption, or can you go right away?

  3. We can seal her now, if there was a temple! :) There's one in Hong Kong, but my parents would kill me if they missed it. We plan on having her sealed either Dec 1 or Dec 15 in the Denver Temple.